When are cases of respiratory infections in children expected to drop?

When are cases of respiratory infections in children expected to drop?

The holidays will last two weeks, and then it will be evaluated whether face-to-face classes are resumed or taught virtuallywith the aim of avoiding the spread of different viruses among minors, the traditional objective of this recess.

According to the director of the Pereira Rossell Hospital, pediatric infectologist Álvaro Galiana, assured in an interview with Telemundo (Channel 12) that “Normally after four or five days after the start of the holidays, consultations in children and also in infants drop.”

“What we aspire to is to achieve that by the end of the week we are in a better situation than the current one”added the doctor.

In recent weeks, the increase in cases led to an increase in hospitalizations due to respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) or influenza A and B. “CTI beds are all occupied mostly with children with bronchiolitis (caused by RSV)”Galiana lamented.

This occupation has a high turnover, according to the infectologist: “In the course of this morning we had three discharges and are reoccupied by other children who are requiring assistance”.

Regarding the Pereira Rossell, its director announced that “it is very crowded”, with around 110 children. Of these, between 50 or 60 have RSV, and several others carry influenza. Regarding the latter, he clarified that his hospitalizations could have been avoided if minors were vaccinated.

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