Dates for payments of property tax installments are postponed

What you need to know for the payment of property and vehicle taxes

Recently there have been certain changes in the dates for the payment of some taxes such as property taxes and vehicle taxes.

The director of Taxes in Bogotá, Orlando Valbuena, explained to EL TIEMPO that in the case of property taxes, the first date is the 24th of June in which a 10% discount applies. The official assured that a large part of the taxpayers have paid.

He also clarified that there is now only one unified payment date and not in a staggered manner as was done previously. The next due date would be July 29, where you can pay without obtaining a discount, but without default interest or penalty.

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However, the district also modified the payment of the predial by installments. One of the transformations is that the initial date to present the initial return is el Friday, July 8.

The installments would be paid in 2023 for the economic sectors affected by the measures decreed to face the covid-19 pandemic.

The official clarified the importance of taking into account if you are going to make the formal declaration or by installments and make it with the pertinent form through the official page:

In case of problems for virtual registration for payment, the institution standardized the records so as not to present any failure. It even allows password recovery.

Now, the virtual office has all the necessary processes enabled to make the payment and download your invoices. Only the account owner can do due diligence on their user.

Currently the account activation email arrives immediately. For those who cannot do the process virtually, they can do it with the physical invoice.

Property taxpayers are around 1,500 citizens and by vehicles around 3 million.

The administration also enabled virtual payment through PSE.

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For the owners, the diligence must carry out the procedures in a Supercade with the documents that will be uploaded to the system to be able to carry out the process virtually, since there is no database of those who only own the property.

There are around 10,000 properties that have problems annually due to lack of information.

For now, there are more than a million invoices that are ready for people to make their payments and around 300,000 more that will be sent. Regarding the collection, with a cut of June 3, for the property tax it has been 1.6 billion pesos. This is a growth of 37% compared to 2021.

Regarding the goal that is 4 billion, 40% has been collected.


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