Lunch of the Corripio Communications Group.  People's Force.  What would you find about Leonel if you Google him?

What would they find about Leonel on Google?

Santo Domingo.- Leonel Fernandezanswers “what would be found about him in Google” in relation to the way in which he handled the economic crises that the country went through during his administration.

“You would find that, when I came to the government during 2004, the Gross Domestic Product was equivalent to 18 billion, and when we finished in 2012 it was 64, therefore, in Google they would see that even in times of crisis the economy grew 46 billion. dollars, that is, more than double.

Likewise, he indicated that during that time, the economy grew more than in any other period in history, that this served as an opportunity to accelerate the transformation process of the Dominican Republic and represented a source of progress.

This is considered a second response to the comment made last Monday by President Luis Abinader during a press conference, where he responded to criticism made by former President of the Republic Leonel Fernández Reina about his efforts, mainly in the agricultural area.

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“There is a very powerful tool against populism and demagoguery and especially for those who have administered. That powerful tool that reminds people of when they ruled is called Google. That is very easy to use and by searching there many truths are discovered,” said Abinader.

Lunch of the Corripio Communications Group. People’s Force. What would you find about Leonel if you Google him?

To this, the also leader of the People’s Force party, had already issued a first comment, in which he said that he “avoids going to Google frequently to avoid feeling tension or having an emotional overreaction.”

It is worth mentioning that this is considered the first time that Abinader responds publicly and directly to a comment made against him by another presidential candidate.

Fernández’s statements were issued at the Weekly Luncheon of the Corripio Communications Media Group, which was also attended by other party members such as Daniel Toribio, Secretary of Economic Affairs; Dionis Sánchez, Spokesperson for the Senate Bloc, and Rubén Darío Maldonado, Secretary of Relations between Political Parties.

Likewise, Modesto Reyes Valentín, Secretary of Rural Development; Mery Valerio, Undersecretary of Organization and José Rafael Vargas, Journalist.

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