What will Wiens' proposals be?

What will Wiens’ proposals be?

Faced with his sudden appointment as a pre-candidate for the presidency of the Republic for the upcoming internal elections of the Colorado Party, the now former Minister of Public Works and Communications, Arnoldo Wiens, had his first official act a couple of days ago where he appeared with his duo Juan Manuel Brunetti.

Until now, he has not made it very clear what his programmatic axes or presidential proposals will be, unlike other candidates. Wiens’ candidacy replaces Vice President Hugo Velázquez, who renounced his claims for next year’s elections after also being declared “significantly” corrupt by the United States Government.

The only concrete glimpse of a possible presidential agenda would be the inclusion of at least 50% women in his cabinet, as he stated last Thursday in the city of Villarrica, Guairá. On the occasion, through a massive act where he presented his candidacy, he explained that he is “working at full speed”, in order to achieve a resounding victory in electoral terms in four months.

“Women are our greatest potential in the Colorado Party. Loyalty, commitment. The woman responds and is much more responsible. I am going to have more than 50% women in my cabinet”, she stated on the occasion. At another point, he asserted that the government has always worked closely with sugarcane growers, but without guaranteeing that it would follow the same line if he were elected.

The head of the Party Electoral Tribunal (TEP), Santiago Brizuela, announced last Thursday the decision resolved unanimously by its members to accept Wiens’ candidacy, after the event that echoed internationally in relation to Velázquez. The vice president declared that he will not present his resignation until he has concrete information about a criminal case against him.

On the other hand, the TEP observes that there are no major constitutional or legal obstacles for Wiens to replace Velázquez, considering the statutory hermeneutics in order to facilitate that all the movements or organizations that represent the internal sectors of the Colorado Party can maintain integrity during the electoral process.

The candidate, who is fighting through the Republican Force, met this Wednesday with the deputies of the ruling party to seek to strengthen ties in the face of the elections, however, not all the Party’s legislators were very satisfied with the recent appointment. .

The leader of the bench, Jazmín Narváez, mentioned that the other legislators wanted to have a greater role in the election process, but that they ultimately supported and consented to the decision made. “We are presenting a valid option,” she previously sentenced to the media.

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