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January 27, 2023
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What will be the next steps in the political trial of the members of the Court

The Court decides on the co-participation for the City and makes the deputies swear in

Rosatti, Rosenkrantz, Maqueda and Lorenzetti.

The Impeachment Committee of the Chamber of Deputies will continue its activity next Thursday at 11 with the testimony of the authors of the 14 files that are analyzed in the framework of the process to the four members of the Supreme Court of Justice, of which five are from national deputies, two from a senator and seven from individuals.

The deputies who will present their files will be Vanesa Siley, María Rosa Martínez, Pablo Carro and Eduardo Valdés, for the three files processed by the ruling party, in the first case against Carlos Rosenkrantz, and in the remaining two against the four members of the highest court , and Paula Oliveto, for the two writings promoted by the Civic Coalition against Ricardo Lorenzetti.

Senator Juliana di Tulio, from the Frente de Todos, will do the same in relation to the two files that she is promoting against the four members and Rosatti in particular.

As for individuals, there will be representatives of the Argentine Association of Jurists, which requested a political trial against the four members of the Court, and of the Civil Association for the Enforceability of Social Rights, which did so against Rosenkrantz and Lorenzetti.

Individuals Antonio De Martino, Ricardo La Greca and Patricia Isasa will give their grounds in relation to the request they made against the four members, and Pablo Llonto and Diego Sánchez will do so on the writings presented in relation to Rosattti’s performance.

Regarding the causes that will be addressed, the ruling on federal co-participation and the one that rolls back the operation of the Council of the Magistracy are listed.

The ruling to apply the “2×1” calculation to a repressor of the last military dictatorship is questioned and it is considered that there is a series of “non-compliances and mismanagement” in the Obra Social del Poder Judicial de la Nación (Ospjn).

Too there are accusations against Rosenkrantz for his interventions in cases involving companies for which he had worked as a defense attorney.

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