What to do at school if my child or a friend has COVID

What to do at school if my child or a friend has COVID

What to do if my child gets infected at school?

The guidelines established by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) for the reopening of schools indicate that in the event that there is a positive case, it must:

​​”Treat information about confirmed cases with discretion and sensitivity. The data of schoolchildren and teaching, administrative and education support staff who become ill with Covid-19 must be confidential, to avoid stigmatization. details the document .

Likewise, the directors of the school, the teacher on duty, must be informed so that the sanitary measures are reinforced.

Despite the fact that within scenario three the suspension of activities is contemplated, currently, the infected student must quarantine at home and return to face-to-face classes, “for about a week they are sent to rest and they return”, comments briefly the basic education teacher, Mely.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention establishes in the operational guide for returning to school, a document updated to May 2022, that if a positive case of the disease is confirmed, it is best to stay home.

“People with symptoms of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and gastrointestinal infections, should stay home and get tested for COVID-19.”

“The fact of staying home when you are sick can reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases, including the virus that causes COVID-19,” details the text updated to May 28, 2022.



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