What the draft law on life senatorship establishes

What the draft law on life senatorship establishes

The Executive Power presented the bill that regulates the life senatorship. With this initiative some doubts and questions arose.

The proposed regulation establishes that the senator for life You will not be paid, you will not have immunity beyond your opinions, you will have a voice (except on issues of your administration) but no vote, you will be able to present bills, requests for reports and statements, and you will be able to participate in ordinary and extraordinary sessions and in the committee meetings.

The status of senator for life it is acquired immediately after the completion of the mandate, unless otherwise stated. While it is expected that the former presidents of the Republic may lose their investiture for the same reasons as elected senators.

They will have the same incompatibilities than active senators, such as being part of companies that operate public services or have State concessions. Besides They can be reprimanded, warned and suspended for his misconduct in Congress.

He legal adviser to the Presidency, César Trapani, indicated in a press conference that the regulation of the life senatorial office for former presidents of the Republic tries to inaugurate certain legal mechanisms to implement this figure of senators for life.

It is estimated that the proposed regulations would only be analyzed when the elected senators take office, on July 1.

This proposal brought to light numerous doubtssuch as if Fernando Lugo He will be able to benefit from the lifetime senatorial position, having not been re-elected in the general elections. Or if Mario Abdo Benitez he may resign his status as senator for life to later present his candidacy as an active senator.

He Dr. Miguel A. Ortiz Rodríguez indicated to radio caritas that, from his point of view, the active senatorship and the life senatorship are not opposed and that the outgoing president can renounce the life senatorial position and present a candidacy to be an active senator. “For me it is not opposed,” the ex-president can resign from the Life Senate and “candidate for the active senatorial position,” he said.

On the other hand, the constitutional lawyer Emilio Camacho He maintained that the right to voice cannot be limited to lifetimes, as established by the National Constitution itself..

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