What Public Works does on the San Isidro highway

What Public Works does on the San Isidro highway

The Ministry of Public Works, through a contracting company, advances in the extension of the San Isidro Highwayfrom the Charles de Gaulle to the Air Base, whose works cost more than 800 million pesos.

The intervened section is 5.13 kilometers long and four new lanes will be added for a total of six. Works are done on both sides of the road. It is one of the most important highways in Santo Domingo Este due to the large number of housing projects being built in the area.

In addition, shopping centers for many visitors have been installed, such as the main supermarkets, malls, restaurants and entertainment centers, which implies a greater vehicular flow. The works began in March of last year when President Luis Abinader gave the first punch together with the Minister of Public Works, Deligne Ascención.

The work has had some delay due to the rains that affected the country several weeks ago, but the rhythm of the interventions has already been resumed and there are points where the ground was leveled. In other places no progress is observed due to the height of the undergrowth, as is the case in the northern part near the Charles de Gaulle.

In principle, the project was from Charles de Gaulle to Hípica avenue, but later it was decided to add about 300 more meters to the entrance of the Air Base. This part already has sidewalks and curbs and is practically in the burning phase.

Engineer Beltré, from the Cogusa company and one of those in charge of the project, said that he is moving forward as much as possible. Tractors, rollers and mechanical shovels work in the movement of earth and leveling the land.

The intervention includes the installation of an aqueduct system that allows improving the water supply to the families of the different housing projects and neighborhoods that are on the periphery of the road.

Beltré reported that they are carrying out interventions without affecting normal traffic and recalled that long traffic jams always form during peak hours, but not because of the work they do.

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