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What Public Works does in Duquesa

What Public Works does in Duquesa

The Ministry of Public Works continues the reconstruction work of the Access to the duchess landfillmainly in the northwest part to enable the old highway to La Isabela, while improving internal access to guarantee the dumping of waste while the problem is solved definitively.

Although no significant changes are observed in the section of the highway Los Casabes to the landfill, if work is done on the topographical part and the placement of power line poles. The works are concentrated on highway to La Isabela where heavy equipment, such as tractors, shovels and others, prepare the muddy terrain.

Víctor Tavárez, from the road development contractor, which is executing the highway project towards Duchesshe explained was responsible for building the highway Los Casabes and stresses that he had never seen as much political will as now to definitively solve the problem of Duchess.

“We have an executive order to finish that in a maximum of six months, we have a work schedule that we are carrying out to the letter,” he said.

He indicated that they are working on two cuts, from the entrance of Antonio Guzmán avenue, which leads to the Joaquín Balaguer or Higüero airport, to the entrance of the landfill.

He reported that work is also being done inside the garbage dump on the preparation of a land for the dumping of dump trucks and said that it has not begun to fill it because there is still no permission from the Ministry of Environment for the material to be used there.

“Next week they will have permission because the minister of Environmentpersonally, he has been in communication with the Minister of Public Works, Deligne, trying to get that permit, here we are not in autocratic positions, but rather technical ones and a minister cannot say he will get that out tomorrow, that has a procedure that is being followed as soon as possible,” he said.

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Elido Alcántara, General Directorate of Equipment and Transport of Public Works and representative of the minister Delign Ascension on the topic of DuchessHe said they have been working on managing the landfill.

He indicated that the work has not stopped, but that there are aspects of the process that are not seen, such as the study of how to channel the water, make cuts, which is prior to passing a clay through a place.

He maintained that in a definitive work it is necessary to work with contour lines, slopes and that for this reason a highway It is not done in a day or a month, because it takes time from the studies to the execution of the project.

“On the subject of rainy We have had equipment permanently so that when holes or critical points occur, they can be conditioned immediately and the discharge is not affected,” he added.

He stated that for the execution of the project a consensus was reached among the mayors of Greater Santo Domingo, the ministries of Public Works, Environment and landfill management.

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