What product leads Dominican imports?

What product leads Dominican imports?

The imports Dominican companies are headed by consumer goods, followed by raw materials and capital goods.

According to data published by the General Directorate of Customs (DGA), the imports of consumer goods are led by fuelswhich exceed the other economic destinations with a participation of 11.48% (805.57 million dollars).

In addition, the imports of durable consumer goods made up of automobiles and household appliances, among others, occupy the third place with a participation of 6.33% (443.89 million dollars).

Likewise, processed or semi-processed food products, including refined vegetable oils, have a 6.27% share (439.71 million dollars). Within consumer goods there is a chapter identified as “other consumer goods”, which occupies the first place with a participation of 14.71% (1,032.07 million dollars).

The DGA) indicates that the imports totals for the period January-March 2022, amount to 7,016.28 million dollars, presenting an increase of 37.03%, in relation to the same period of 2021.

The DGA report explains that, seeing the imports non-oil companies, growth is 28.58%, going from 4,383.72 million dollars in January-March 2021 to 5,636.97 million dollars in the same period of 2022.

In addition, of the total imports45.52% corresponds to consumer goods, 41.13% to raw materials, while the remaining 13.35% to capital goods.

Consumer goods showed a growth of 35.29%, while raw materials and capital goods grew 46.36% and 18.90%, respectively.

In the case of raw materials, the document of Customs indicates that iron and steel foundry is the main import product with a participation of 5.27% (369.85 million dollars), followed by others fuels unprocessed with 4.39% (307.94 million dollars).

There are also the imports of artificial plastic materials, for the textile industry and for the food industry (unprocessed).

In capital goods they are replaced by machinery and devices, for industry, transportation, construction and agriculture.

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