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What it would cost to build a first naval fleet in the country

What it would cost to build a first naval fleet in the country

Recently, the National Navy signed a contract with Cotecmar for the “most important shipbuilding in the country’s history” that will allow the start of theThe manufacture of the first Colombian frigate, PES; a Colombian Ocean Patrol Boat, POC; and a Logistic Support Vessel, BAL.

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The manufacture of the three ships It will have a maximum duration of 10 years. and seeks to modernize the surface fleet of the National Navy, which currently has designs from 40 years ago.

Market studies compared to programs in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom showed that the value of Frigate Type Units (PES) ranges between 2.25 and 5.5 billion pesos per ship, depending on the capabilities and requirements of each country, as revealed by Navy sources to EL TIEMPO.

However, taking into account that the construction will be in Colombia, the final price of the PES is estimated at 1.6 trillion pesos“being below the average cost of programs in other countries,” said the source.

On the other hand, for the Ocean Patrol Vessel and the Logistics Support Vessel, the manufacturing prices are lower than those that would be had in the construction of vessels of this type in other shipyards worldwide.

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The commander of the Navy explained that the final cost of shipbuilding would be 2.1 billion pesos.

This will be the first frigate made in Colombia by Cotecmar

Colombian Navy

Experts indicated that the first Frigate to be built in Colombia would have a multi-mission that allows it to operate in highly complex scenarios, airspace surveillanceuse of the on-board helicopter, ability to operate in an asymmetric environment and surveillance of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Its modularity will allow it to carry up to 2 containers with equipment that gives it flexibility and the possibility of adding capacities according to the type of mission.“, they explained.

Along with it, the ship will have communications capabilities throughout the maritime territory which includes satellite internet and DATALINK data transmission systems. It will also have a BWTS ballast water treatment system installed.

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The Navy also revealed to EL TIEMPO that the ships will operate on the Atlantic and Pacific coast in order to guarantee an effective defensive force and sovereignty of the coasts and seas of the national territory, based on the Strategic Military and Transformation Plan.

Regarding the Colombian Ocean Patrol Boat – POC, this maritime structure has the ability to stay for long periods at seadevelopment of operations through the synergy between unmanned aircraft and interceptor boats, rapid response to counter transnational crimes such as illegal fishing and drug trafficking.

Colombian Ocean Patrol Boat (POC)

Colombian Navy

“ANDThis is part of a planned and knowledge-intensive industrial process, which will allow not only compliance with the duty to protect the maritime heritage of all Colombians, but will also contribute to the generation of jobs, the potentialization of productive chains and the promotion of technology to strengthen the competitiveness and export capacity of the country’s vessels“, the Navy said.

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Finally, the Logistics Ship is an important technological advance regarding the transport of cargo and personnel for humanitarian support, smaritime logistics support and environmental protection.

Logistics Support Vessel BAL6012

Colombian Navy

As explained by the Navy, in 2025 the construction of the first frigate will begin, however next year the first cut of the first sheet of the ship will be made.

With information from EL TIEMPO*

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