What is the vitamin needed by people who do not eat meat?

What is the vitamin needed by people who do not eat meat?

Both vegetarians and vegans do not consume meat, but there is something that differentiates them and that is that vegetarians consume meat derivatives such as milk, eggs, cheese, among others, while vegans do not.

Vegans do not wear clothing made from animal materials.nor do they accept decorations with animal derivatives.

However, many times these people do not know that they have to consume a vitamin that compensates for the lack of meat consumption. The main vitamin that vegans or vegetarians need is B12.

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B12 vitamin

Vitamin B12 helps regulate the nervous system, growth and the formation of red blood cells. It is found in meat and dairy products.

AFoods such as eggs, cheese, milk, fish and shellfish are a source of vitamin B12.

People with low vitamin B12 tend to have symptoms such as loss of appetite and weight, tiredness, weakness, depression, poor memory, tingling in the hands, anemia, yellowish skin, sore mouth or tongue, and constipation, according to Harvard. Health Publications.

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