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What is known about the raids by the dismantled sect in the City of Buenos Aires

The authorities of the Buenos aires city They arrested 19 people who are accused of integrating a sect dedicated to deceiving people who were abused in different ways. Investigations revealed that the organization was using the façade of a yoga center.

It is not the only crime for which the detainees are investigated in the Buenos aires city, they could also add the crimes of aggravated theft, illegal practice of medicine and money laundering. More than 50 raids were carried out in the capital and the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

The procedures are carried out in different types of establishments.

Elements of the police participated in the operations Buenos aires city, the Human Trafficking Department of the Federal Investigations Superintendency and the Federal Police. The criminal actions were discovered while investigating BA Group, a company that was only the visible face of the group, which would have a presence in different parts of the world.

The inspector commissioner, Ricardo Juri, worked on one of the raids carried out in the Villa Crespo neighborhood, in the city. “This case is under investigation, we are carrying out raids and arrests requested by the court and what we are looking for is to gather more evidence for the investigation that has already been going on for more than a year”he explained.

What is known about the raids by the dismantled sect in the City of Buenos Aires
Several high-end vehicles were seized.

Different criminal types are analyzed, including human trafficking and money laundering.

Operations in Ezeiza

Federal Court 4, in charge of Ariel Lijo, not only ordered the raids on the Buenos aires citybut also in the province and at the Ezeiza International Airport.

The authorities say they have sufficient evidence of the crimes they attribute to those involved.

“There are procedures at the airport and we will wait for the results regarding people who were hospitalized in health centers and should not be. In addition to the dispossession of property through legal and real estate studies “assured Juri, regarding the operations that will continue in the next few hours.

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