¿Qué ha hecho el Inespre en dos años y cinco meses de esta gestión?

What has Inespre done in two years and five months of this administration?

The Price Stabilization Institute (Inespre) It has benefited 19 million 690 thousand 946 visitors who have repeatedly attended the programs of producers’ markets, mobile warehouses, sales in supermarkets, popular fairs and in the participation of special events in two years and five months of management.

The information was released by the executive director of the entity, Ivan Hernandez Guzman, after depositing a flower offering at the Altar of the Homeland in the company of other officials, to commemorate the 179th anniversary of Independence.

“That Dominicans come to our institutional programs on numerous occasions to stock up on fresh, varied, and quality products is a sign of the trust we have earned in the population, which fills us with satisfaction and commits us to expanding our sales. popular, with the aim of continuing to facilitate access to food for citizens, which is a priority for our president Luis Abinader ”, expressed Hernández Guzmán.

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The director of Inespre indicated that in two years and five months of management the institution has carried out 5,108 Producers’ Markets, 85 weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays, which have benefited 7,835,200 people.

Similarly, it has executed 12,367 Mobile Warehouses, taking 150 each week to different parts of the country and facilitating access to low-cost food for more than 5,807,674 people, according to institutional statistics.

With the combo sales program in supermarkets that took place on Thursdays, Inespre sold 1,224,016 combos at 500 and 1000 pesos, benefiting 5,508,072 people.

In the organization and participation in more than 30 Great Fairs held on special dates such as Christmas, mother’s, father’s, employer’s days, black friday and others were impacted 540 thousand people. Likewise, it has trained 3,000 producers nationwide during Training Sessions on Good Agricultural Practices, Safety, Marketing, Pest Management and others.

In addition, it has signed 24 inter-institutional agreements for the benefit of various sectors of the country.

Support to the field and balance of debts

Inespre, in coordination with the Presidency of the Republic and the Department of agriculture it has supported national production with the purchase of more than RD$362 million from producers of pigs, chickens, eggs, plantains, bananas, potatoes, onions and other foods, said the official.

Likewise, the current administration paid an inherited debt with the Social Security Treasury for more than nine years for a value of RD$410,599,476.15; It has paid pending labor benefits, remodeled and modernized the headquarters, and is working on renovating other offices nationwide.

What has Inespre done in two years and five months of this administration?

High marks

The state body has obtained recognition and high qualifications in evaluations such as Transparency where it obtained 100 points, Purchases and Hiring 99.93, Basic Internal Control Standards (NOBACI) 91.56, in the Public Administration Monitoring System (SISMAP) 90.87, has been a leader in the management of Information Technology in the Agricultural sector and recently received recognition from the Ministry of Public Administration (MAP) for its high ranking in the Plan Training Center for the Public Administration Monitoring System (SISMAP).

The director of Inespre, Iván Hernández Guzmán, assured that the institution has changed and will continue to transform thanks to the teamwork of hundreds of employees, with the support of the Presidency of the Republic, and urged the population to find out about the points of sale, offers and services in institutional networks #InespreRD.

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