What has become of Abel Álvarez, the popular presenter of ‘Mediodía en TV’?

MIAMI, United States. – Currently, the charismatic Cuban presenter Abel Álvarez, known on the island for programs such as Noon on TVpresents two newscasts in Los Angeles, USA, where he arrived after establishing himself on Mexican television.

In an interview granted to Cuban newspaper In 2021, Álvarez offered details about his professional beginnings, his time on radio and television, and his dreams in the world of communication. The presenter, who always wanted to be a singer, was forced to choose another path due to his lack of vocal skills. “As a child, in the House of Culture of my town, I got involved in choirs, dances and led activities,” he recalled.

Although she also considered veterinary medicine and studied poultry, Álvarez eventually found her true calling in communication and began her career in radio. “While I was studying, I worked at Radio Progreso. I first got to the national radio station and then to the local radio station in Güines,” Álvarez said. The presenter also confessed that in the beginning he imitated the morning magazine of Cuban state television, without knowing that he was going to dedicate himself to locution.

Álvarez highlighted the importance of the support he received during his first years on the radio, both in Güines and in the capital. “I started quite green, I had many gaps in terms of the profession and they helped me a lot at Radio Güines (…). I still arrived in the capital with doubts and when I started working on the national radio with Radio Taíno, the people supported me a lot, ”he said.

The Cuban presenter assumed the role in Noon on TV without abandoning his passion for radio. “While he was doing Radio Taíno, the attendees of Noon on TV They were coming in to find out things that were needed for the program. I did the script and I had a notebook where I wrote down the guests we would have every day,” Álvarez said.

Despite feeling comfortable in both media, the presenter pointed out that television could be “temporary”. “Many times talent is disposable on television, on the radio it is not like that. If you maintain a good voice, a diction, a freshness, you can maintain yourself for many years. Television, especially Latin American television, is quite cruel in that sense, ”he explained.

In 2008, Abel Álvarez moved to Mexico to work in a reality show, but his relationship with the Cuban media suffered tensions. “I had a very bad time the first few years because they invited me to programs in Cuba and two hours before the interview they told me that they did not authorize my entry,” she recalls.

The presenter, shy off camera, aspires to have a program with music and interviews. “My ideal program is like one of a summer closing I did in Cuba, with groups and people who promote real talent and not cultural rigidity,” he says. Meanwhile, Álvarez continues to interview personalities on his YouTube show. Abel anywhere a project that allows him to travel the world and stay close to the Cuban public.

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