Robert Downey Jr

What happened to Robert Downey Jr? Fans confess that it is difficult to see him grow old

Robert Downey Jr

At 57 years old, Robert Downey Jr. is revolutionizing social networks, although now not because of a new character far from Iron Man, but because of his slim physique which makes him look older.

the actor of Sherlock Holmes He uploaded three photos to his Instagram account where he shows his muscles worked by exercise, but the sharp face that gives the feeling that the glasses are too big for him.

Under the cap he wears, his gray hair is visible and, when he smiles, his facial muscles are extremely marked.

“It’s hard to watch you age,” user Latifaafh wrote.

Quickly, fans of the actor have rushed to explain that Downey’s current condition is due to the filming of “Oppenheimmer”, a film that will address the story of a scientist in the development of the atomic bomb.

In the project directed by Christopher Nolan (Batman), the actor has to play Lewis Strauss, former US Secretary of Commerce.

Robert Downey Jr. revolutionized social networks for his older appearance

In leaked photos of the shoot, Downey is seen thin and gray hair shaved on his forehead, to simulate a certain baldness.

Others have expressed that his natural hair color is gray, but he dyed it for the avenger in red and gold armor.

The photos uploaded by the actor are to promote a line of t-shirts and a special edition alluding to Earth Day.

The two-time Oscar nominee and BAFTA winner for his work on “Chaplin” is in post-production on “All-star weekend,” directed by Jamie Foxx.

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