¿Qué pasó anoche con el Internet en Cuba?

What happened last night with the Internet in Cuba?

CDMX, Mexico. –Internet traffic in Cuba fell from 11:45 PM to 6:45 in the morning today, November 26, confirmed today on Twitter Project Inventory after analyzing the data collected by various observatories.

One of them was the Cloud Flare Radar, who showed in a graph how traffic fell for more than six hours on the island. Another similar record was shared by kentick, a network observatory. His data reflected a 70% drop at a similar time.

Cloudflare Radar shows the fall of the Internet in Cuba

On the other hand, various profiles on social networks confirmed not having had access to the Internet for hours. The Cuban activist Elsa Morejón wrote on twitter “At 12 at night they cut off the service to cell phones.” Also on the Cuba Spaces Telegram channel, several users from different parts of the country assured that they had suffered the interruption.

The Cuban data journalism site also published the transcript of a telephone conversation of a client who called Etecsa to find out about the impact.

In said exchange, which occurred around six in the morning, the operator confirmed that not only the Internet had fallen.

“At the national level, the mobile service is reported. Not only your mobile, but the entire network. There is no connection, you cannot call and there are no messages. Work is underway to restore it as soon as possible, but there is still disruption.”

These were the words of the official of the telecommunications company, who did not specify what the possible causes of the affectation would be.

Previously, the Cuban government has chosen to turn off the Internet or limit access to social networks in protest scenarios, such as the days of July 2021. This was even one of the reasons why Cuba was classified as the country with the least Internet freedom in the Americas by Freedom House.

According to him 2022 report on global freedom onlinethe Caribbean island ranks fourth in the world ranking behind only China, Myanmar and Iran.

On this occasion, the cut did not coincide with a conflict scenario, nor was it previously announced by the company as maintenance work, so it could have other causes.

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