What follows so that another 119 rates do not rise with the minimum wage

What follows so that another 119 rates do not rise with the minimum wage

In order to alleviate the impacts of the increases in the country, the government of Gustavo Petro announced that would deindex 204 rates of the minimum wage. On January 2, through three decrees, he did so with 85 items.

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This was an agreement of the Council of Ministers and the Salary Agreement Table, with the order to protect the purchasing power of Colombian households. In this agreement, it was agreed to de-index charges, fees, fines, sanctions, rates and stamps, among others. From now on, these elements would be tied only to the growth of inflation.

However, There are still 119 rates to be deindexed in accordance with the Government’s goal. According to the draft of the decree to achieve this objective, it is planned to issue around 50 administrative acts to achieve this objective.

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In addition to the de-indexation to the minimum wage, Measures were agreed to control energy rates, the prices of pharmaceutical products and a review of the usury rate.

This deindexation will be done progressively. In other words, the products and services that seek to get rid of the minimum will be announced by groups. There will be included items of housing, transportation, commerce, fines and fees, notarial procedures, among others.

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Some of the fees already de-indexed included:

one. The rate applied for those who want to participate in contest merits by the National Civil Service Commission.

2. The cost corresponding to the habilitation of transport companies.

3. The tuition fees and pecuniary rights for students of the complementary training program of official Superior Normal Schools.

Four. The Compulsory Traffic Accident Insurance (Soat) and its rate manual.


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