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What does not happen to you! 12 work resolutions for 2023

What does not happen to you! 12 work resolutions for 2023

Defining New Year’s resolutions is one of the most common practices and the labor issue is usually included in the goals, from the search for new job opportunities Even the intention to improve the current situation, the objectives linked to employment are present on the list.

With one foot in 2023, there are various actions that can be included in the New Year’s goals to improve the employment situation. This is a good time to consider the steps that can lead to a better job opportunity or have a better development in the current workspace.

According to Adecco, these are the 12 work resolutions that cannot be missing from your list for 2023:

1. Have a better salary

To establish activities that lead us to obtain a better salaryone option is to start looking for one new job opportunity based on our interests and abilities. If you are not sure where to go, you can do a self-analysis to identify points of improvement that will make an increase in revenue possible.

2. Explore new job options

We are in moments of change, and seek new job options It should not be seen with fear, but as an opportunity to find something better, both economically and in activities that align with our tastes or interests.

3. Increase your level of productivity

It is always important to do an honest self-evaluation of your performance, this will allow you to identify your strengths and be clear about what your areas of opportunity are and how to work on them in a way that contributes to your professional development.

4. Update and improve your CV to look for a job

Like everything in life, when you stop doing something, you lose practice and in a certain way you are relegated to that activity. This is why it is important to keep your professional curriculumespecially now that we have social networks through which you can obtain greater visibility and work connections.

5. Stay in a home office scheme

It is a reality that every day we return more to the old face-to-face model, although it is also expected that the model that will predominate the following year will be the hybrid. However, it is possible for you to get a job with the totally remote model, but you should be aware that it may take longer to find or it will surely require specific skills and qualities.

6. Better manage the use of your salary

Knowing how to use your income will always be an advantage that will allow you to achieve the material goals you set for yourself in your life more quickly and efficiently. The important thing is to know what and how to use your earnings wisely.

7. Find a balance between your personal and work life

With the hyperconnectivity that we currently have, it is extremely important to find a balance that allows you not only to appreciate the best of life together with your family and friends, but also to avoid a work burnout that may imply some kind of physical or mental illness.

8. Learn or improve a language

Currently, and given the global professional reality, it is well known that a single language is no longer enough. On many occasions, professional growth is directly associated with a command of English, however, it is increasingly necessary have additional languages to your native language.

9. Have better occupational health

Working in a friendly environment that creates a space of tranquility is essential for current and future generations, so it is important to consider this point when selecting the company you want to work for.

10. Acquire new skills and knowledge

Personal growth must be continuous and in two directions: the acquisition of experience is essential to have a professional maturity that allows you to better respond to the needs of the company. And on the other hand, the development of more and new habilitieswill allow you to keep up to date and always be a benchmark in your work environment.

11. Undertake a personal project alongside your job

This idea is common and constant among young people, as they seek professional freedom that allows them to live and work as they want. However, if you want to take this path, it is important to be honest, carry out your work activities at the agreed time and dedicate a space of your free time to your venture; so that it does not obstruct your professional activity with a company.

12. Have labor mobility

Globalization has generated constant interest in emigrating to new cities or countries where the company you work for has a presence. If this purpose is in your mind, you should consider that it is important that you begin to have a presence and activity with colleagues from other countries.

2023: Reasons to change jobs

According to the Adecco study “Disconnect to reconnect”, 47% of companies expect an increase in turnover in the first two months of 2023, this as a result of a greater intention of employees to change jobs.

In line with this, the Analysis of Trends and Salaries 2023 of the Hays firm, 72% of workers in Latin America consider change jobs. Of these, three out of 10 would do so in the next six months.

What are the reasons for leaving? In the voice of the employees themselves, the factors that would make them resign are:

  • Opportunities for professional growth
  • Better benefits
  • Improve balance between professional and personal life
  • Flexible hours / remote work
  • Job security and stability
  • Better training and development programs
  • In search of a more diverse, equitable and inclusive environment
  • Exhaustion

“Given the new normality, salary is not the main factor that implies a permanence in companies. The candidates Looking for a space for professional growtha wide range of benefits and the balance between your personal and professional life”, highlights the firm in its report.

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