What do the cameras of the party show for which Peñarol players are accused of harassment

Juan Pablo Decia, the lawyer for the owners of the room where Peñarol organized a party in March, said that the staff only told him “a certain discomfort in relation to a specific episode”.

“When the police arrived (due to complaints from the neighbors due to annoying noises), tension was generated between some of the attendees and other attendees of the event. There was something related to a cell phone, that one of the girls tried to take out a cell phone. They told her not to sign and she stayed there“, narrated the lawyer in the program La Pecera de Azul FM.

“That was the only abnormal episode that was broadcast to us involving the girls,” assured about the party where there was allegedly sexual harassment and threats by soccer players Walter Gargano and Lucas Viatri.

Decia said that the security camera record shows a short conversation with a “totally appeased” tone in which Viatri and Gargano were identified. “You see that there are two or three people arguing, who have nothing to do with the local staff. You see that one of the employees approaches that place, somehow gets involved in the conversation, which lasted 5, 6 seconds and then it ends without any type of gesture or action that could reveal the existence of an aggression or a threat”.

The lawyer said that in the conversation he had with the local staff, they “transmitted to them the aspect that the party had acquired as the night progressed, but we did not have any explicit denunciation that accounts for the facts that are being denounced today”

On the other hand, Decia assured that they made a “meticulous examination” of what the cameras recorded “from the beginning to the end” and that they did not see “no type of conduct towards local staff that reveals the existence of a situation linked to sexual harassment or sexual violence”

Decia was contacted by his clients after the damage to the premises and the consumption of those present that exceeded the subscriber. They asked him “to try to see a way out of the civil problem that was arising.” “Because I am familiar with the captain of Peñarol, Gargano, I called him and raised the situation with him. In a matter of a week the issue was resolved. They made a collection.”

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