What do the 5 leaders with the best reputation in Mexico have in common?

Behind every great company, there is an exemplary leader who, with his perseverance, dedication and values, not only makes organizations grow, but is also a role model and proof of this are the leaders of companies such as Grupo Bimbo, Grupo Carso, FEMSA and Cinépolis, that according to the business monitor of corporate reputation (Merco), in its section Merco Leaders, are positioned among the five with best reputation in Mexico 2022.

According to the ranking, Daniel Servitje from Grupo Bimbo; Carlos Slim Helú of Grupo Carso; José Antonio Fernández Carbajal of FEMSA; Carlos Slim Domit, from the Carso group; and Alejandro Ramírez Magaña from Cinépolis, are the five best leaders out of a total of 100 who are characterized by their good practices and business vision.

Antonio Lechón Cruz, corporate director of Merco, explained that leaders have evolved in their actions, going from focusing more on a commercial strategy to having a new Visioncloser and that attends to different problems, always seeking innovation.

“It is always said that the leadership of the president or CEO consisted of the reputation of the companies and vice versa,” he said.

Another of the advances that have been made is the greater incursion of women leaders in the ranking, because of the nine that were present in 2013, today there are 20, which although it is good news, there is still an outstanding debt.

The strenghts

Each leader has his own way of managing the work of companies, all depending on the goals that are set, but something that the five best leaders in Mexico have in common is that they are putting their attention on issues that are not based on moneyeither.

For example, in 2013 the priority of the leaders was 53%%, the management part to obtain results, the fulfillment of objectives and commercial vision, while now this was reduced by 45% because the interest lies more in the management of the talent, having ethical behavior and social responsibility, innovation, international protection and attending to an adequate channel of communication, which in total adds up to 55 percent.

Likewise, the five leaders have demonstrated their ability to resilienceespecially in times of crisis such as those caused by the pandemic, rising costs, catastrophes, among other factors, with which they have evolved.

“The constant opportunity for improvement has allowed us to rethink our way of working, expand our business model, rearrange teamsmake changes facing the audiences, rethink the objectives, we aspire not to adapt to change, but to be generators of change”, declared Alejandro Ramírez Magaña from Cinépolis.

Another of their qualities is addressing environmental and social issues, since all the companies they lead have environmental protection initiatives, foundations, recycling programs, sustainability, community support, among other initiatives.

Among the areas of opportunity that they present, according to what is registered in the ranking, is their communication capacity, as well as their commitment to ethical behavior, innovation and international protection. Although there have been improvements, there is still a long way to go.

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