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What congressman Ricardo Medina omits about his plagiarized work in the master’s degree

What congressman Ricardo Medina omits about his plagiarized work in the master's degree

The Congressman Ricardo Esdras Medina Minaya issued an explanatory statement to the note published by La República in its edition last Sunday about a paper he presented when he was doing a master’s degree at the Néstor Cáceres Velásquez University in June 2020. This medium confirmed that said work is a copy of the control visit report No. 009-2020 of the Comptroller General of the Republic on the Víctor Andrés Belaunde Educational Institution (Arequipa).

However, what Medina does not explain is why remove the presentation cover of the Comptroller’s Office and replaces it with one with the names of the members of his group and the logo of the university, now in the process of being closed by order of the Sunedu.

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Nowhere in the report presented by Medina is it specified that it belongs to the Comptroller’s Office. Nor does the parliamentarian imply why it made modifications in form, in numbering and titles without modifying substantive issues.

Edgardo Lajo Paredes is one of the sources consulted by this medium that calls into question the intellectual honesty of the authors. According to Medina, “we have surprised him to give those opinions.” After five days of the publication of the newspaper article, this medium has not received any complaint from Lajo about it.

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