What Codia says about the collapse of part of its structure

What Codia says about the collapse of part of its structure

The construction of a building next to the offices of the College of EngineersArchitects and Surveyors (code) would be the cause of the partial collapse of its structure last Friday, according to a preliminary report.

The collapse of a part of the building did not cause human damage, because it occurred at night.

Engineers structuralists of the guild began to study the situation to render a finished report of what happened.

This Monday the code It would render a report on the situation in which it will set measures on the collapse and the actions to be taken. The entity had warned the neighboring builders of the danger of trampling in the vicinity of the old building where the House of Spain.

Engineer Ramón Epifanio Rojas explained to Free Journal that if excavations are made below the footing and it destabilizes it, any earth movement can affect the structure.

He indicated that, although some actions were taken to prevent the collapse of the adjoining building, they were not enough and that is why the building collapsed.

“We have to wait for a final report to confirm all of that, but the premise, I think this is what caused that part to go,” said.

The president of code, Dolores Núñez, said that despite the collapse of part of the building, in other places it was possible to continue working as of this Monday. She informed that the case is being investigated and that the corresponding actions will be taken in the case.

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