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April 28, 2023
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What can happen with the prices of gasoline and diesel? This is how the photo of fuels for May comes

What can happen with the prices of gasoline and diesel?  This is how the photo of fuels for May comes

After keeping the rates frozen during April, the Executive Branch resolves for these hours what the maximum fuel prices will be that will be in force from next Monday, May 1 in the sale to the public. The evolution of the reference prices on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in the US did not register large movements in the last moving month.

The data processed by The Observer show that in a period of 30 days until Monday, April 24the mean value for the simile of the naphtha Uruguayan had risen around $1.5, and went from $25,694 to $27,211 (+5.9%) compared to the previous monthly average. This according to data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

For Super 95 gasoline, the most consumed in the country, Ursea takes the average international price of two types of gasoline: CBOB Regular 87 and CBOB Premium 93.

for the case gasoil, the closest possible update to what the PPI would indicate shows that the average price per liter fell $1.46, from $28,024 to $26.56 (-5.3%) in the monthly comparison. This fuel has as reference the price of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD 62).

The data handled in this note are only an approximation of what happened in the international market and they take into account two central variables: the daily dynamics of prices in dollars in the US, and the value of the exchange rate at the local level.

the official report

The Regulatory Unit for Energy and Water Services (Ursea), The monthly Import Parity Price (PPI) report has already been approved corresponding to the mobile month that goes between March 26 and April 25. This report does not register large movements compared to last month, according to what he learned The Observer.

These data are one of the main inputs that the Executive Branch uses to define prices month by month. Another input is the Ancap financial projections.

Other conjunctural aspects that affect the progress of the economy are also usually part of the analysis. One that is on the agenda is the impact of the drought on activity and particularly on the agricultural sector.

Rates in 2023

The price of Super 95 gasoline dropped $3 in January, and then remained unchanged for the first four months of the year. In the case of diesel, it dropped $6 in the first month of the year, remained unchanged in February, dropped another $2 in March, and was frozen in April.

With the values ​​in force as of April, Ancap’s income they were out of step with respect to the last PPI, which was $2.5 for each liter of Super 95 gasoline. Meanwhile, revenues for each liter of diesel were $2.32 above the PPI.

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