What are mid-term elections in the United States?

What are mid-term elections in the United States?

October 12, 2022, 10:56 AM

October 12, 2022, 10:56 AM

Will Joe Biden be able to maintain his narrow majorities in Congress? Or will he return control of the Senate and the House of Representatives to the Republicans, who will try to thwart the US President’s policies?

The November 8thvoters will choose the congressmen who will win seats in Washington and in virtually all local parliaments, as well as the governors of 36 of the country’s 50 states.

These mid-term elections known as the “midterms” They are held two years after the presidential elections and are a kind of referendum on the policy of the White House tenant. In more than 160 years, the president’s party has rarely avoided a sanction vote.

The name of the American president not on the ballot this time.

As happens every two years, the 435 seats in the House of Representatives are at stake.

In the Senate, which has 100 members, terms last six years. On November 8, more than a third will be renewed, that is, 35.

Those elected will begin their term on January 3, 2023.

The Americans will also elect their governors and a good part of the local mayors, on whom the policies of their state fall on important issues such as abortion or environmental regulation.

The impact of these elections could be decisive throughout the country.

Joe Biden is imploring Americans in large majorities to sidestep congressional rules that currently prevent him from legalizing abortion across the country or banning assault rifles.

“Americans have a choice,” he said recently. Abortion, firearms or the health system are “on the ballot”assured.

The Republicans promise for their part to lead a fighting inflation and the opioid crisisand continue their offensive against transgender athletes.

The Republican Party candidates also promised that, if they get a majority, they would open a series of parliamentary investigations into Joe Bidenhis pandemic adviser Anthony Fauci and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

They also plan to bury the work of the commission investigating the assault on the US Congress by supporters of former Republican President Donald Trump.

What do the polls say?

According to the most recent polls, the Republican opposition has a good chance of snatching at least 10 to 20 seats in the lower house. They would be enough to have a majority.

The polls are less clear about the Senate, where Democrats hope to retain their majority.

double referendum

Even if Joe Biden’s name is not on the ballot, many Americans see this election as a referendum on the president.

But these elections are also a test on the political future of Donald Trump, very active in the campaign, with numerous rallies throughout the country.

For these two politicians, who are considering standing as candidates for the 2024 elections, the electoral result could be decisive, boosting or holding back their aspirations.

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