Weenhayeks ratify representatives and demand mandatory compliance with the electoral body

Weenhayeks ratify representatives and demand mandatory compliance with the electoral body

The Weenhayek People, through an indigenous justice ruling, ratified Federico Salazar Sánchez as incumbent assemblyman in the Legislative Assembly of Tarija and requires the Departmental Electoral Court (TDE) its mandatory compliance.

Similar determination is for Assemblyman Rubén Aparicio Sánchez in the Regional Assembly of the Gran Chaco. The ruling of the justice of that indigenous people establishes the designation and permanence in their representative positions of both incumbent assembly members and their alternates for the 2021-2026 constitutional management.

It is mentioned that the recalls will be carried out according to their own procedures for uses and customs, but respecting the temporality according to Article 240 of the Political Constitution of the State (CPE).

Likewise, the inadmissibility of resolutions of external organizations and outside the Organization of Weenhayek Captaincies of Tarija (ORCAWETA), recall actions and any interference of a legal or factual nature that is in contradiction with this rulingwithin the framework of the current regulations of indigenous law and the Plurinational State.

The Weenhayek people summon and instruct the electoral body to provide cooperation in the execution of this ruling issued by the Court Constituted in that ethnic group in application of Articles 16 and 17 of Law 073 of Jurisdictional Demarcation.

“This ruling is mandatory and will be followed by all persons and authorities. It cannot be reviewed by the Ordinary, Agro-environmental Jurisdiction and others recognized by virtue of the provisions of Article 12 of Law 073 of Jurisdictional Demarcation,” says the document issued last Friday in the Tuntey Tas community of the Weenhayek territory.

On the other hand, the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of the East, Chaco and Amazon of Bolivia (CIDOB) recognizes Pablo Pérez Saqueo, first captain, as the only representative of the Weenhayek People and gives legal validity to the appointment and permanence of assembly members Federico Salazar Sánchez and Rubén Aparicio together with their substitutes.

The determination arises as a result of the ruling of the ordinary justice in Tarija to revoke the representation of Federico Salazar, who was recently elected as president of the Departmental Legislative Assembly (ALD).

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