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Week begins with cold weather and scattered rains

A fatal accident occurred last night on the Luque-San Bernardino route, where a pedestrian was killed by a truck under the command of a doctor. The shovel the victim was carrying was embedded in the windshield.

The mishap happened last night in the area of ​​Tarumandy, Luque, on the route that connects this city with San Bernardino.

At one point, a worker, tools in hand, attempted to cross and was struck by a Kia Sportage vehicle. The shovel the man was carrying was embedded in the passenger side windshield.

The deceased is Emilio Ovidio Gisenhut González (61), a local from the area. The driver of the truck belonging to Dr. Óscar Ramón Franco (43), who was returning from his shift at IPS Central and was unharmed.

The area of ​​the accident is characterized by poor lighting and according to the doctor, the pedestrian appeared suddenly, so he did not have time to brake.

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