Weathered figures point to the Senate

The traditional parties are defining their candidates for the Senate for the next internal and general elections to be held in December of this year and in April of the following respectively.

Among the candidates are questioned politicians who seek re-election or some who seek to return, despite the criticism they registered at the time.

Clara Martínez, a political scientist, expressed that although Chartism presents new and unconventional figures (who do not come from the political structure), such as Lea Giménez, Lizarella Valiente, Alicia Pucheta, the rest represent more of the same.

“Chartism is making a mixture of profiles to offer an electoral offer. It will depend on how they face the political campaign because we are living in an increasingly unequal country. In a country that has many social and economic problems. The level of inflation is desperate and people are making loans to be able to buy food products and the elections will take place in this context, ”she said.

Regarding the photograph where Horacio Cartes, a former national president, is seen accompanied by the candidates for the Senate for his movement, he pointed out that he does not see the renewal of figures. That is, the same figures as always.

“Cartes is making a strong bet on people he fully trusts. In the list of men there is no renewal. Many of them aspire to ‘rekutu’ in the Senate despite poor management,” he stated.

The analyst alluded to Enrique Riera, a national senator for “Honor Colorado” who aspires to be re-elected. The legislator was one of the promoters of the controversial project to criminalize land invasions that was finally promulgated by the Executive at the end of last year. He also unsuccessfully proposed a similar project on the criminalization of roadblocks.

“You have to see how these people face their political discourse. They were in Parliament, but they did not achieve great changes, ”he warned.


Regarding the ruling party, he affirmed that he does not see renewal either. With candidates who will have to carry the “heavy backpack” left by the mismanagement of the current government.

“There are many complaints of corruption. There were ministers who resigned. They were already in power and they did not carry out an efficient management”, he affirmed.


Finally, he said that in the Liberal Party he sees very worn-out figures such as Celeste Amarilla and Alfredo Jaeggli, who are highly exposed to media opinion due to their controversial and conflictive characters.

“They are arrogant people. What people want is management, it is not necessary to make scandals. Both are very controversial characters because of the way they make their claims, “she concluded.

Weathered figures point to the Senate
Clara Martínez, political scientist.

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