“We workers in the dairy industry have been totally ignored”

“We workers in the dairy industry have been totally ignored”

On behalf of the Federation of Workers of the Dairy Industry (FTIL), it was stated that “neither today nor ever will it oppose the existence of funds for the development of the industry.”

On the contrary, it is considered pertinent that governments promote public policies for the entire dairy industry.

According to the PIT-CNT Portal, Enrique Méndez, national leader of the FTIL, revealed that according to what was stated by authorities from the Labor (MTSS) and Livestock (MGAP) ministries, the entry into Parliament -with a serious and urgent – of a bill sent by the Executive Power that will be processed with official majorities and without listening to the voice of those truly involved in the dairy industry, such as producers and workers.

“We believe that this is not the path, that the Executive Branch is wrong in form and content and that if it continues on this path, it will be generating a scenario of controversy, confrontation and without addressing structural problems. On the other hand, apparently and according to what has transpired so far, it would be allowing companies, after receiving millionaire figures in dollars, to apply unilaterally and untimely, the so-called “restructurings” that end up being the pretext to dismiss workers and in many cases, apply a policy of anti-union persecution”, he said.

Méndez, said that the FTIL claims to “be part of the discussion of a fundamental solution to the dairy industry and its structural problems” and that, therefore, they will remain “alert and expectant” to what will happen in the next few hours and do not rule out no action on it.

The trade unionist was categorical when affirming that the FTIL rejects “any bill that involves the industry and that is done with the back of the workers. And in this case, it is not only behind the backs of the workers, but also of the producer unions, that is, all those directly involved. In the last few hours we have communicated with producer unions who expressed their disagreement with the format of what was presented. Now we are preparing different meetings with those who are involved in the dairy industry and were totally ignored when preparing the bill”, he stated.

The leader stressed that there is concern “because bills are being prepared that try to address the problems in a particular way, instead of thinking about structural solutions, that think with the political perspective of the State in the milk industry. At the level of the Executive Branch, difficulties must be addressed, but not with private bills that save businessmen, while workers end up hanging from the brush. In addition, and this does not seem to be a coincidence in history, we find that the same names of companies that were melted down later appear investing in other places, while the workers are the ones left adrift”, stated the FTIL leader, Enrique Mendez.

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