"We will guarantee that the impact of inflation does not fall on the most vulnerable sectors"

"We will guarantee that the impact of inflation does not fall on the most vulnerable sectors"

Fernández: “We will guarantee that the impact of inflation does not fall on the most vulnerable sectors”


The national government announced on Monday the delivery of a bonus of $18,000 for workers without formal income, from private homes and monotributistas and another help of $12,000 for retirees and pensionersto offset the impact of inflation on these vulnerable sectors of the population.

He also anticipated for the coming weeks the launch of a call to discuss a mechanism to capture part of the unexpected income of large companies generated as a result of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

The announcements were made during a ceremony held this afternoon in the White Room of the Government House, headed by President Alberto Fernández and the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán.

(Photo: Julian Alvarez).

The national government seeks “guarantee that the impact of inflation does not fall on the pockets of Argentines and fundamentally on the most vulnerable sectors”said the President announcing a set of measures to strengthen revenues.

“There is an urgency in the most neglected sectors of society”Fernández said, after which he assured that this does not mean disregarding formal workers, who are in a stage of reopening joint discussions.

Photo Julin Alvarez
(Photo: Julian Alvarez).

Regarding the project that will be sent to Congress, the head of state asked the sectors “that they have had an extraordinary profit that they contribute, that they collaborate with their contribution to help those who have been left behind“.

“We want to ask those who have had an extraordinary profit to contribute to generating more equity in Argentine development”Fernandez maintained.

Minister Guzmán, for his part, said that “different sectors of society will be convened to create a mechanism” that will tax the “unexpected income resulting from the war.”

This It will focus on a set of companies with high taxable net profits of more than 1,000 million pesos, which in 2021 was only 3.2% of large companies.

Guzmán affirmed that the national government’s “central objective is to guarantee the growth of the purchasing power of income throughout the labor and productive spectrum” when announcing a set of economic measures together with President Alberto Fernández.

Photo Julin Alvarez
(Photo: Julian Alvarez).

“Firstly, it is necessary to reinforce the income policy and, secondly, to work collectively to design mechanisms that manage to prevent this shock that the world and Argentina are experiencing from having unequal and regressive consequences,” the minister stated after assuring that “this year the economy continues to recover.

With regard to aid, the minister He explained that the $18,000 bonus will be given in two installments, in May and June, while the $12,000 aid for retirees and pensioners will be in a single installment in May, which will be added to the $6,000 bonus that is being paid. to those who receive up to a minimum amount ($32,630).

In this way, two bonuses of 9,000 pesos will be paid in May and June to workers without formal income, workers in private homes and monotributistas of categories A and B.

Photo Julin Alvarez
(Photo: Julian Alvarez).

As the minister explained, The income booster for workers between 18 and 65 years of age will be for “those who require the protection of the State”so “there will be criteria in terms of wealth that will end up defining the population as a whole that benefits from this type of income.”

In the case of the $12,000 bonus for retirees and pensioners, the payment will be made in a single installment for those who receive a credit of up to $65,260, which, added to the minimum bonus that retirees are receiving, will also total $18,000.

This income measure is added to the previously implemented policies of a 50% increase in the Food Card, increase in allocations and advance of the parity.

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