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“We were a family”, Víctor Aristizábal crying: “I still don’t believe it” for the death of Freddy Rincón

The Selection of the 90s has suffered the blow of the death of Freddy Rincón, most of them were always in contact in meetings, at parties, on walks, in difficult moments.

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The untimely departure of the always cheerful Freddy Rincón, has been a blow to the ‘Golden Selection’ that Colombia had in the 90s, not only the players, technicians with whom he was and teammates in the country, in Brazil, in Italy and even in Madrid, they have talked about how hard it is to lose him.

“We were a family, we are a family,” Víctor Hugo Aristizábal sadly recalled in an interview on ESPN.

‘Aristi’, another reference for the National Team, said that he still cannot believe the death of Rincón, who suffered an accident in Cali last Monday, was hospitalized for three days and died at 55 years of age.

He said that his National Team always wanted to be together, “to see each other, to talk, to train, compete, laugh, stay up late, play cards, fight, argue, for everything.”

“No, this is very hard,” she said crying.

“Great human being”

He said that he has been listening again to the voice notes that were sent with Freddy Rincón, “the happiness that talking gave us, of sending us messages, of insulting us, of telling us that we loved each other.”

“That guy was a great human being”, so at the end of everything ‘Aristi’ remembers it. They agree with him, most of those who had the opportunity to meet him, share, live with the ‘colossus’ of Buenaventura.

The remains of Freddy Rincón were taken to Buenaventura this Thursday, where they paid tribute to him. On Friday they returned to Cali, where the final part of his funeral will take place.

This Saturday he will be on camera at the Pascual Guerrero stadium in Cali.

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