“We have a firm commitment to contribute in everything that is required”: Minister Jackson spoke before the Transitional Norms Commission of the Constitutional Convention

The Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency (Segpres), Giorgio Jackson, made a presentation in front of the Transitory Norms Commission of the Constitutional Convention in Antofagasta, within the framework of the official visit of the drafting body in the region. The Secretary of State expressed the recommendations of the Government for the indications that will govern in case the new Magna Carta is approved.

It should be noted that last Monday the Executive sent a 54-page document to the drafting body with various transitory regulations and inputs, where it proposed, among other things, a series of measures for the implementation of the new bodies created by the body , such as the Chamber of Regions, the implementation of the National Health System, among others.

At the meeting, the head of the Segpres resolved queries from the constituents Constanza Hube (UDI) and Fuad Chahin (DC), on the Executive’s proposal to create an Implementation Commission, which will allow the establishment of a roadmap to identify proposals for legislation, regulatory adaptation and public policies.

In this sense, Jackson recalled that said document with the proposals was prepared “with less than 24 hours of deferral from the term of writing the draft, therefore, there are many aspects that, as evidenced, do not have a specific definition, for example: what would the composition be”.

“Regarding where the power lies, what we clearly see here is that in order to generate the adjustments, and as the comptroller said yesterday, there are some powers that could be delegated to the Executive that are more of an administrative nature. and that I think it is convenient for the Executive to take charge and, therefore, the Executive is required to assume that responsibility for the proper functioning of the State”.

On this point, Jackson pointed out that “there are others that are of a more political nature that require deliberation. In that deliberation, we believe that the headquarters of Congress, where democratic deliberation takes place, is where the laws should be resolved. The calendar is different, because the calendar should rather be in the hands and responsibility of the Executive”.

“We are not proposing that the Executive replace the legislative role in those fundamental things that require a new law, but that it has to present the projects in some term, which is determined by a commission that can find reasonable terms for this Constitution to be implementable. “, he expressed.

“But, at the same time, a counterweight in the sense that if it is not possible to legislate within a certain period that -so that it does not become a dead letter- that the National Congress itself also has an incentive to reach agreements, because we believe that It is important that there is an incentive to reach agreements to be able to solve the problems and not perpetuate them, and that we do not have that 10 or 15 years later there is a rule that still does not have legislation,” he added.

In the middle of the commission, Jackson affirmed that “we believe that the fair balance between the equivalence of citizen participation, the legislative debate, but also the power to put a closure at some point in the processes is important because otherwise it can remain in the letter dead and, to the citizens, the only thing we cannot say is that due to the lack of agreements, the Constitution is simply a dead letter; that is like a principle that is behind what we establish”.

“We have a firm commitment to bet on everything that is formally required in terms of technical, financial and administrative support. But, by the way, the moment this is plebiscite, we are going to become one of the main priorities but the main priority, at least in the portfolio that I have to represent,” he said.

“It is up to us to generate in the gear of the State, and in particular of the Executive Power, the power to make this at the same time a balance between not being a dead letter and having enough graduality and smoothness in transit, continuity that allows carrying forward the changes”, he concluded.

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