“We are separating”, Shakira and Piqué confirmed the end of their relationship

“We are separating”, Shakira and Piqué confirmed the end of their relationship

Pique and Shakira. Photo: @lafm

Speculation about an infidelity of the soccer player has remained in that for now, Shakira has asked for respect for her children.

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The Colombian singer Shakira and the soccer player Gerard Piqué, separate after 12 years of relationship and two children in common, amid rumors of infidelity that neither has confirmed so far.

This week it has come out on networks and media that the Barcelona player would have been unfaithful to the artist from Barranquilla.

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She is a 20-year-old blonde model, some Spanish media speculate about the woman who would have been the trigger for the breakup of the famous couple.

“We are separating”, Shakira and Piqué confirmed the end of their relationship
Shakira and Pique. Photo: @diariolasamericas

‘Shak’ and Piqué, with a brief note of 26 words, have confirmed that they are separating, but have not clarified the rumors of a third person, data revealed by the program “Mamarazzies” through a podcast.

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“We regret to confirm that we are parting ways. For the well-being of our children, who are our top priority, we ask that you respect their privacy. Thank you for your understanding,” he says. release.

Until now, there are no photos, videos, nothing to confirm in the public light the alleged affair away from home by the soccer player and businessman.

Everything ‘exploded’ while Shakira was in Cannes and promoting her new songs, among them, ‘I congratulate you’ that she did with Raw Alejandro and that is speculated, would be dedicated to Piqué.

The singer has also clarified that she did not suffer any nervous breakdown and that she was not hospitalized, that it was an accident suffered by her father, with whom she maintains a close relationship.

Regarding the beginnings of this relationship of more than 12 years, it should be remembered that it occurred during the recording of the music video of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

The theme ‘Waka Waka’ was in charge of the pop star and there Piqué was one of the models of the video clip that went around the world.

It was in those recordings that the love between the athlete and the singer arose.

After the World Cup that remained in the hands of Spain, the couple made their relationship official and two years later, Milan, their first child, was born as a result of their love. In 2015 came the second, Sasha.

The couple never wanted to reach the alatar despite the duration of their relationship. For Shakira it was always more important that her partner saw her as her “girl” and not as her wife, a label that

“The ideal of marriage frightens me. We are not a traditional couple. I don’t want him to see me as his wife. To maintain the magic I want him to see me as ‘his girl’. It’s like that forbidden fruit, that’s why I prefer to keep him attentive and make him think that everything is possible depending on his behavior, “said the Barranquillera at the time in an interview for the program ’60 minutes’.

Precisely the custody of their two children is one of the inconveniences that the couple who would be in separation procedures will now have.

Shakira would not want to continue living in Barcelona after her breakup with the footballer from the culé team, while Piqué does not want to be away from his two children and would allege that both were born in Barcelona and study in that city.

Cover photo: @lafam

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