“We are going through a lot of pain”: they find a missing doctor lifeless

Mexico City, Mexico.- The Cuban doctor Pablo Corrales, resident of the Havana municipality of Marianao left his house last Monday to buy gasoline and never returned. For days his family and friends searched for him and asked online for help to find him.

After four days with his phone turned off, yesterday Friday the body of the 53-year-old doctor was found lifeless. They allegedly murdered him to steal his motorcycle.

Dr. Denesse Guerra, from the Cristóbal Labra Polyclinic in the Havana municipality of La Lisa, where the doctor worked, He reported that “Unfortunately, Dr. Pablo Corrales Susi was found DEAD.”

“The search, uncertainty and hope are over… Today we are going through a lot of pain,” he said on Facebook.

In the comments of the publication, other acquaintances showed their bewilderment at the act of violence and described the doctor as “very noble and much loved by all.”

The Lisa Public Health Department published a message of condolences on its networks, confirming the death of the doctor.

“We have learned about the sad news of the death of Dr. Pablo Corrales Sussi, a doctor at the Family Doctor’s Office No. 29 belonging to the Care Area of ​​the Cristobal Labra Teaching Polyclinic, an excellent friend and doctor who honored his white coat with great pride. and special dedication to his patients”.


The institution does not mention the causes of Corrales’ death “He will always be an example to follow, illuminating us from heaven with his eternal smile,” the publication concludes.

Reports of violent acts are increasing

Reports of violent acts, including murders, have escalated in recent months in Cuba. Assaults to steal vehicles, money, telephones are becoming more frequent.

Five days ago, the activist Elizabeth Valdés denounced that her 13-year-old daughter was attacked when she was leaving a study house to steal her cell phone. This assault occurred in the Playa municipality in broad daylight.

Recently, an Intensive Care nurse at the National Hospital was murdered in his own home by alleged thieves, reported in Facebook his co-worker Josué Senén Guerra.

In Matanzas, a couple of weeks ago, a family, including an eight-year-old boy They were murdered to rob their homes.

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