Water main rupture in San Antonio left at least 18 people injured

Water main rupture in San Antonio left at least 18 people injured

A 48-inch main pipe ruptured on the night of Monday, January 30 in San Antonio de Los Altos, leaving more than 15 people injured and material damage due to the pressure of the water

During the night of Monday, January 30, a 48-inch matrix tube broke in San Antonio de Los Altos, Miranda state, specifically in the El Picacho sector. The fracture of the pipeline was reported behind the Alborada building, according to the media El Tequeño on their social networks.

The powerful jet of water from that main pipe affected the residents of the Los Altos Residential Complex and left at least 18 people injured and extensive material damage. The amount of liquid caused flooding in the upper floors of the building and people had to evacuate via the stairs despite the danger that this represented.

Families living in 70 apartments in the building, according to the journalist Daniel MuroloThey lost all their belongings.

The Minister of Water, Rodolfo Marco Torres, made an appearance at the place with crews from Hidrocapital.

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Through his social networks, Marco Torres pointed out that they went to the place where the pipe broke to start the corresponding work and to survey the damage that the water caused to the homes.

A publication of the tequeño He reports that the mayor of Los Salias, Josy Fernández, “assessed the damage to the apartments on the upper floors. “We had alerted him, we will help our affected neighbors in any way we can.”

Difficulties with the distribution of water through state-run aqueducts have increased over time. Not having the liquid flowing can lead to the rupture of main pipes that, in addition to generating the waste of the resource, can cause damage.

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