Was there a change?  The milestones that Petro attributes to its first 100 days

Was there a change? The milestones that Petro attributes to its first 100 days

From the Casa de Nariño, President Gustavo Petro gives a press conference in which he talks about what these first 100 days as President of the Republicwhich are fulfilled this Tuesday.

Precisely this Tuesday several marches are taking place in the main cities of the country to support the president’s management.

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Petro began by saying that in these first 100 days they were putting together the pillars of what will be the program of Government that will be developed in the following four years.

And the basis of this will be the National Development Plan, which is entitled Colombia World Power of Life.

Today politics is not divided into left and right. Divided on whether it can enhance life or help turn it off“, commented the president.

On the winter wave that crosses the country, which already leaves around 500,000 victimsthe president assured that the problem is in the public policies that have been planned in the country.

And in that sense, he said that there will be public policies thought of political justice and social justice.

In this sense, the president said that we must move to a productive and decarbonized economy.

Among the issues highlighted by the Head of State regarding these 100 days of management, he said that the Government made a list of 50 milestones. And the last one is that “the change continues…”.

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These are the 50 milestones that the Petro government highlights during its first 100 days

-We recovered the sword of Bolívar and started the Government of change

-We made a public policy that has to do with the protection of the Amazon.

-More than 34 binding regional dialogues have been held throughout Colombia.

-The agrarian reform began.

-The project that creates the Ministry of Equality was filed in Congress.

-The Government had inclusive appointments.

-The housing improvement program began, which has the objective of 18,000 improvements, but they want it to be 100,000 per year.

-The preventive health program began.

-Reduction of homicides throughout the country. “We have a reduction of 4 percent, still very insufficient.”

-Law 418, the main legal framework of ‘total peace’, was sanctioned.

-The tax reform was approved.

-We received 12 helicopters from the United States to take care of the Amazon and not to wage war.

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-Proposal at the COP to change debt for climate action around the world.

-Called at the UN to change the fight against drugs.

-Work to consolidate free higher education.

-The Escazú Agreement was sanctioned.

-Relations between Venezuela and Colombia were reestablished, allowing the recovery of the border.

– Transfers of 500,000 pesos per month to mothers who are heads of household began.

-Change in anti-drug policy with the strengthening of drug seizures.

-Indumil, along with arms production, will seek to build bridges.

-The policy of immediate attention to the climate crisis.

-Debt cancellation for more than 4,000 people from Icetex.

-Expansion of the PAE.

-180 unified command posts were installed most of the climate crisis.

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-600 hectares were handed over to peasants by the SAE.

-807,000 hectares were regularized.

-Add 1.3 trillion to the education budget.

-We launched the water program in La Guajira.

-Visa for the United Kingdom was eliminated.

-Resumption of dialogues with the ELN.

-Delivery of credits to small producers.

-New credits to women for 354,000 million pesos.

-The energy tariffs throughout the country were reduced, “still insufficiently”.

-The peasant population recognized as a subject of rights, which is being processed in Congress as a constitutional reform.

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-Communal actions and neighborhood committees remain as a fundamental axis in the fight against hunger.

-A budget item was obtained to increase 5 percent of the monthly allowance to all soldiers in the country.

-At the end of January, the meeting of presidents of the Amazon account already agreed upon, including the president of France, will be convened.

-Articulate between the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defense the design and implementation of a protection plan for leaders.

-Presentation to the Congress of the Agrarian Jurisdiction.

-Elimination of a large part of the presidency councils.

-Human security in lives and not in deaths.

-More than 40 illegal groups are in ceasefire.

-The agriculture budget was increased by 100 percent. It went from 2 to 4 billion.

-Transformation of the State purchasing plan to contract with community action boards. It was “democratized”.

-The Casa de Nariño was opened for everyone.

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-The patrolmen and soldiers will be able to study.

-Work tables to determine the rate and reduction of Soat for motorcyclists.

-“The change continues…”


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