Warning: Chapare cocaleros will block if Arce does not remove Del Castillo

Warning: Chapare cocaleros will block if Arce does not remove Del Castillo

The group of coca growers from the Cochabamba tropics requested the presence of the President, Luis Arce, at a meeting with the six coca grower federations to demand the dismissal of the Minister of Government, Carlos del Castillobecause in his opinion he did not fulfill his task.

“Yor I want to ask this extended party and our deputies, our executives, to arrange a meeting with brother Lucho (Arce) and the six federations so that he comes and in front (there we are going to) ask for the change of the minister, if not so i want to tell everyone if we have to mobilize to remove this minister (…) we are going to do it, comrades”, harangued, the executive of the carriers, Francisco Córdova.

On Friday, the expansion of the six coca growers’ federations was carried out and one of the conclusions it was ask the president for explanations of why the Minister of Government has the support of the opposition benches to succeed in the interpellation presented by the legislators of El Alto.

“How can our Minister of Government be supported by the right? By We Believe and Community Citizen? Surely you have heard the interventions, I have been surprised by those interventions, surely the President (Luis Arce) will explain to the six federationsto sub-centrals, commonwealths, why and what is due?” said Evo Morales, head of the MAS, at a press conference, clearly alluding to the President’s call, although he did not mention when this report would be.

At least three leaders attending this expanded They mentioned the possibility of forcing the Executive to dismiss the Minister of Government or initiate pressure measures for attacking the coca growers of the Chapare.

Córdova said that the few controls exercised by the Ministry of Government at the borders caused the drop in the price of coca from the Chapare, because coca from Peru entered the country and unbalanced prices in the markets, although it did not specify in which markets prices fell.

the bench

Another leader, Rimer Rojas, called the attention of the national caucus chief of the MAS, deputy Gualberto Arispe, who was claimed for his limited work to guarantee the unity of the entire bench at the time of the vote.

Rojas said that at the time of the vote there should be a joint action of all the assembly members to censor Minister Carlos Del Castillo, which did not happen on Tuesday night when 77 votes saved the authority from censorship.

The coca growers affirmed that coordination must be “worked on” so that at the given moment, censorship of any minister is guaranteed and not perform an act that will have no effect in the political arena.

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