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War tank returns to Capotillo in mixed operation

Tanqueta de guerra regresa al Capotillo en operativo mixto

With a war tank, trucks, motors and long weapons, the mixed operation returned to the streets of the sector Cape.

The operation led by agents of the National Police and the Armed forceswas felt again today in a surprise way in the populous sector.

This operation is part of the set of measures adopted by the Government Dominican in the face of the growing wave of robberies that affects the country at various points.

Among the sectors that have been intervened so far, in addition to the Cape They are Puya de Arroyo Hondo, Villa Juana, Cristo Rey and Herrera.

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At the beginning of the month, when the joint operation was launched, the president of the Republic, Louis Abinaderwarned those who disturb the peace of Dominicans to surrender peacefully.

“I ask those who are acting in our neighborhoods and sectors bringing unrest; that they do it and surrender in a peaceful way, because if they are not going to look for them wherever they are, ”he said. Abinader.

The operatives, in addition to the troops of the military bodies, integrate machinery such as helicopters, Tanks, drones, cars, trucks. Also motorcycles, canine and special units, among other elements.

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