Wall Street indices advance after negative start to the day

Wall Street indices advance after negative start to the day

Major US stock indices are trading higher on Monday morning. The actions in wall street progress on an erratic login, after a negative open because the performance of the Treasury bond rose on expectations of tighter monetary policy.

The reference index S&P 500, of the top 500 issuers, moved 0.21% to 4,401.97 units. The dow jones, of 30 industrial giants, gains 0.17% and stands at a level of 34,510.22 units. The index nasdaqwith a high technological component, rises 0.26% to reach the level of 13,385.45 points.

U.S. Treasury yields hit a three-year high as investors adjust their portfolios on bets that the Federal Reserve will aggressively raise interest rates to curb rising inflation, which is at a 40-year high.

Among the stations, stand out Bank of Americathe second largest bank in the United States, whose shares rise 2.73% after a positive quarterly report that, although it showed a 12% decrease in net profit compared to the same quarter of 2021, exceeded market expectations.

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