Wall Street ends higher confident in the US economy.

Wall Street ends higher confident in the US economy.

The New York stock market ended yesterday in positive, with the market confident in the health of the US economy. The Dow Jones gained a slight 0.06%, to 33,999.04 points, while the Nasdaq technology rose 0.21%, to 12,965.34 pointsand the broader S&P 500 index gained 0.24% to 4,283.74 points.

(These Chinese companies will delist from the New York Stock Exchange.)

Although they started down yesterday, the indices managed to end up positive, but without euphoria. Investors welcomed two macroeconomic data published this Thursday: weekly registrations for unemployment benefits were significantly lower than expected, and the industrial activity index in the Philadelphia region, considered a good reflection of the sector in the country. , was positive in August, when economists expected the third negative month in a row.

(US inflation: Key point for dollar price).

Housing resales, on the other hand, showed their sixth monthly decline in a row in July, amid the rise in interest rates by the Federal Reserve (Fed, central bank). “Sometimes, when the market has had a good evolution, which has been the case for six weeks, it is not a drama if we have sessions, even weeks, with oscillations. And that is what happens these days”, summarized Art Hogan, of B. Riley Wealth Management. Cisco, a maker of computer components (5.81%, at $49.37), buoyed the sector with its quarterly results published after the close on Wednesday that were higher than expected by the market. Oil companies also rose on the back of higher crude prices. ExxonMobil gained 2.36%, ConocoPhillips 3.47% and Marathon Oil 5.08%.

In other markets, the price of a barrel of Brent oil ended yesterday at 96.59 dollars, 3.13% more than at the end of the previous session.


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