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“W Contigo”, financial education at a single click

The recommendations, articles, experiences and tips on the financial world are available in a digital space, opened by Banco W for micro-entrepreneurs.

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At Banco W we open the doors to the world of learning through our mini-website of the official portal of the Bank.

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This space is called “W With You” and it is a place where you can find topics related to financial education, family, entrepreneurship, personal development, stories of greatness and entertainment. Therefore, it is segmented into four sections, which are the following:


With accurate and high-quality information, this section is divided into the following topics: learning as a family, growing with your business, entertaining your days, stories of greatness, and finally, your being. These points will help you develop good communication skills, get new hobbies, and be inspired by anecdotes and stories from clients who have achieved their goals.

  • Learning as a family: there you will find tips, suggestions and articles in order to guide you towards good practices in the relationship and communication with your family.
  • Grow with your business: you will be able to find articles of interest and tips for the daily growth of your business and thus achieve your goals.
  • Entertain your days: we offer you different alternatives based on games, activities, recipes and much more to share with your family.
  • Stories of greatness: we share the experiences of real clients, where they tell us about their experience, achievements and rewards from the beginning of their businesses to what they are today.
  • Your being: We offer you recommendations, tips and information of interest regarding physical and mental well-being.

financial education

Secondly, there is the section where we share audiovisual content on financial education and finance taught by experts from our bank. Such content is available to our Bank W customers and non-customers.

we grow together

On the other hand, we also have a miniseries called “Crecemos Juntos” for you. Based on the experiences of a family of friends who will teach you in a fun way about the importance of having financial education.

stories of greatness

Through mini-documentaries and with the aim of making visible and instructing from real experiences, we tell stories that are worth admiring since they are told by clients, who from their own experiences, share their beginnings, obstacles, achievements and gratifications.

w with you
You will find content of interest for the different roles in your life.

Likewise, through the social networks of Banco W, information is published with a focus on financial education:

  • Facebook: @bancowoficial
  • Instagram: @bancow_oficial
  • Twitter: @BancoWOficial
  • YouTube: @BancoWOficial
  • LinkedIn: BancoW

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