Vulnerable fauna due to loss of its natural habitat in Western Panama

Technicians from the Wildlife and Biodiversity Section of the Ministry of the Environment (MiAMBIENTE) in Panama Oeste are intensifying their efforts to rescue and protect vulnerable fauna in response to community alerts. These efforts include performing veterinary diagnoses and recovering the animals, all in strict compliance with safety protocols.

As more wildlife species lose their natural habitats, they are forced to roam urban areas, putting their survival at risk from predators and poachers. The latter, in search of meat or for commercial purposes, represent an additional threat to wildlife.

Thanks to the quick action of neighbors and environmental lovers, wild animals are reported and, sometimes, delivered to the MiAMBIENTE offices. There, they receive veterinary care and are registered before being relocated to safe habitats in protected areas.

Among the wildlife species rescued and made safe are sloths (both one-clawed and two-clawed), which are found alone, in pairs or with their young. This joint effort demonstrates the commitment of the community and environmental authorities to the conservation of biodiversity and the protection of endangered species.

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