En la formación cubana sobresalieron Miguel Ángel López, Osniel Mergarejo, Roamy Alonso, Adrián Goide y Miguel David Gutiérrez, quienes en esta temporada destacaron en los torneos de Italia, Francia y Brasil. Foto: norceca.net

Volleyball: Cuba opens with victory in NORCECA tournament

The Cuban men’s volleyball team beat its similar team from Dominican Republic in three sets during the initial date of the NORCECA Challenger Final Four tournament, based in the western province of Pinewood of the riveraccording to the island’s news media.

The team under the orders of Nicolás Vives opened the match with two comfortable partial victories, 25-16 and 25-13, and sealed the victory with a tighter score of 25-23, according to a note published in the official gazette Rebel Youth (JR).

According to the media, “it was a manual match, easy, fast,” but he left a warning about the demands of the following duels, since he considers that the Dominican cast is “by far” the weakest of the participants. at the regional event.

The publication also highlights the formation of the team cuban volleyballin which they excelled Miguel Angel LopezOsniel Mergarejo, Roamy Alonso, Adrián Goide and Miguel David Gutiérrez, who this season stood out in tournaments in Italy, France and Brazil.

The duel against the Quisqueyans also marked the return to the national team of Maikel “El Ruso” Sánchez, after several years playing in various leagues around the world, and now playing in the Brazilian professional competition.

The Cuban men’s team, which has not faced an official competition since 2020 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, is the favorite to win this tournament and advance to the League of Nations next year.

In the other challenge of the day, the Puerto Rican squad capitulated after five sets against the Mexican representative, who will be Cuba’s rival on Saturday with a stage in the 19 de Noviembre room, in Vuelta Baja territory.

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