Vizzotti recommended reinforcing vaccination against coronavirus

Vizzotti recommended reinforcing vaccination against coronavirus

In Argentina, more than 110 million doses have already been applied.

The Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, recommended this Sunday to reinforce vaccination and usual care in the face of the increase in coronavirus cases, which was 3.8 times from the previous week to it in the country, while reiterating that there will be no restrictions.

“Covid-19 cases have been increasing for four weeks, and from the week before this they did so 3.8 times. Our recommendation in this context is to reinforce vaccination and usual care,” Vizzotti said on his social networks. .

“For now, the increase in cases has not translated into a significant increase in hospitalizations or deaths. This is because the protection provided by vaccines is very solid,” he added, during the day in which his portfolio reported nine deaths from coronavirus and 12,609 infections in the last week in the country279% more cases than last Sunday (3,323).

“The best way to maintain that protection is with a booster dose: that is why what has been observed in recent weeks is so important, with the increase in the application of boosters in vaccinations throughout the country. We must continue along this path,” he added.

Minister Carla Vizzotti Photo Cris Sille
Minister Carla Vizzotti. (Photo: Cris Sille)

“Those who were vaccinated for the last time more than four months ago a new dose can be given. The reinforcement (be it the first, second or third) is especially important for those over 50 years of age and for people with risk conditions,” Vizzotti recommended.

“In addition, we learned some care that we always recommend and that, in the context of an increase in cases, it is good to resume. Cross ventilation of environments, use of a mask in closed spaces and frequent hand washing,” the minister reported.

“If you have respiratory symptoms, it is important that you do not participate in any activity with other people. Stay home for up to 24 hours after they’ve passed to decrease the chances of transmission,” she suggested.

“The current situation is incomparable with the one we live in when there were still no vaccines and we were all susceptible. For this reason, every time they ask if there are going to be restrictions, we answer ‘no’ and continue working with all the provinces to respond, as always “, completed the national official.

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