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Viva – Avianca Integration: Aerocivil’s conditions for the merger

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Viva - Avianca Integration: Aerocivil's conditions for the merger

On the night of this Tuesday, Civil Aeronautics confirmed that it approves the integration of Viva Air and Avianca after the request made by both airlines. However, he emphasized that they must meet some conditions.

Through a statement, The entity indicated that the integration could be carried out after a rigorous analysis process carried out by the competent authorities.

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Although both Viva and Avianca have been waiting for this decision for months, arguing that this is the only way out of the economic crisis that Viva is facing, On November 4, 2022, Aerocivil objected to said integration, considering that it violated the right to free competition of other airlines possibly interested in the process.

This way, the airlines submitted another offer under a new procedure, which was analyzed by Aerocivil.

“The Directorate of Air Transport and Aero-Commercial Affairs of this entity carried out a detailed and technical study of the request presented and, in turn, of the related remedies, to evaluate the feasibility of the request, finding that the proposed ones failed to mitigate the effects of concentration, dominance and asymmetry derived from the transaction”, quotes the Aeronautics statement.

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The above, in the framework of the crisis caused by the suspension of operations of Viva Air in Colombia.

Thus, finally the Civil Aeronautics decided to approve the integration, not without first meeting six requirements.

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