Violent assault with machetes to steal a wallet: author receives prison sentence

Violent assault with machetes to steal a wallet: author receives prison sentence

The Prosecutor’s Office issued an arrest warrant against Rodrigo Zavala Acevedo, as the author of the threat of a mass shooting at the American University. The police have already searched for him at his home, but he is not there.

By threat of a punishable act, prosecutor Ángel Ramírez ordered the capture of Rodrigo Jesus Zavala Acevedo.

The student is the one threatened a mass shooting inside the American University, which forced the suspension of face-to-face classes this morning. The Police already went to the home of the wanted person, but the person in charge of the domestic service replied that she was not there.

“Do not talk to me, do not look at me and take care of the massive shooting (massive shots)”, the student wrote on his social networks.

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The complaint was made by a student from the faculty, who had nothing to do with the conflict, but, seeing the public threat that exposed the entire institution, decided to go to the police station to report the fact.

Supposedly, the author of the criminal warning found out that his girlfriend got involved with another young man from the institution and that, the relationship is long-standing, which is why he reacted in this way.

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