Violations that could 'subtract points' from the driver's license

Violations that could ‘subtract points’ from the driver’s license

After announcingto resolution to reduce up to 50% of the price of the Soatfor motorcycles with a minimum cylinder capacity of 200 and work vehicles, the Ministry of Transportation reported that it is in modifications to change the driving license systemunder a new model that works by points.

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Guillermo Reyes, Minister of Transportation, He assured that this project is expected to be presented during the month of December, before the end of the year.

Speculating on the How would this method work in the country? and taking countries such as Europe and the United States as a reference, the driving pass would have a total of 20 points, which would be lost with each infraction.

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Infractions that lower points

In other countries, these are some of the infractions that could lower points on your driving document.

drive low effects of alcohol and/or narcotic: 10 points.
Driving disabled or with suspended license: 20 points.
participate or organize illegal pique: 20 points.
Do not respect Speed ​​limits: 5 to 10 points.
Circular with an expired driver’s license: 5 points.
Do not respect traffic lights: 5 points.
Circular without the obligatory technical revision: 4 points.
Circular no belt speed: 4 points.

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What happens if you lose all the points?

When losing 20 points on the license, you will have a 60-day suspension, in which you will be given a refund of the score, but if you reoffend, You will not be able to drive for 120 days and the third for 180 days.

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