Viña del Mar confirms innovative New Year’s show: low-noise pyrotechnics, lights and drones

The Municipal Council of Viña del Mar approved the mayor’s proposal Macarena Ripamontifor an innovative New Year’s 2023 show in the commune, which will have a number of changes compared to previous years.

It is estimated that the show will cost some $428,569,226 million and the companies that will provide the services will be Piromar FX SPA and Pirotecnia SPA.

In addition, the Searchlight and Robotics lighting system will be used, with some 150 drones that will illuminate in different shapes and colors. This initiative seeks to reduce the decibels of the fireworks that will be launched on January 1, 2013, thus reducing externalities. negative that these shows have, indicated the mayor.

“So that we can all share, a third of the population cannot be left behind. I believe that it is necessary to contribute with small things, such as, for example, modifying the caliber of the pumps so as not to exceed 150 decibels of noise, which seems to me to be most reasonable, “said the communal chief, according to her record 24 hours.

From the municipality they seek with these changes, to boost the local economy, tourism and hold an event that is respectful of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), pets and the environment.

Pyrotechnics and fireworks will be launched from Caleta Abarca, Muelle Vergara and Reñaca.

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