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Vietnam will enter the tourism sector in Cuba

MADRID, Spain.-Vietnamese companies will build a hotel in Havana and repair two others during 2023.

As reported Latin Press this Tuesday, “everything is quite advanced for Vietnam to enter the Cuban tourism sector.”

The note does not offer details about these hotels. However, the regime reaffirms that it continues to prioritize hotel facilities when thousands of Cubans live in precarious buildings.

It recently transpired that only in Granma province, 35,834 homes had dirt floors at the beginning of 2022. The Government had proposed throughout the year to eradicate this problem for 4,439 homes; and not even this tiny figure was met.

Of those 4,439, it was only possible to remove the dirt floor in 1,462; of them 1,110 by their own effort, and only 352 by state means.

On the other hand, the Cuban ambassador to Vietnam, Orlando Hernández Guillén, told the official media: “We have reasons to feel optimistic that next year there will be consolidation and development in the economic sphere, and that new sectors will allow the promotion of the presence Investments from Vietnam in Cuba”.

Hernández Guillén pointed out that the first investment for the construction of a cattle feed plant has already been received.

The diplomat also referred to “the very important role developed by Vietnam in Cuba’s food security and affirmed that rice will continue to be the fundamental item in the commercial relationship.”

While Cuba’s medical services in Vietnam also “may be expanded in the near future.”

During the year 2022 Cuba suffered a 65% drop in the Tourism sector, compared to the figures prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the annual report of the ForwardKeys consultancy, dedicated to the analysis and anticipation of flows travel and air traffic.

These data place the island as the country with the worst tourism recovery in Latin America, despite the fact that the region led the increase in travelers during 2022, indicated the Madrid-based consultancy.

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