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Vietnam Will Break into the Tourism Sector in Cuba

Turismo, Varadero, 1ro. de Mayo

MADRID, Spain. – Vietnamese companies will build a hotel in Havana and will repair two others in 2023.

According to information published by Latin Press this past Tuesday, “everything is progressing well for Vietnam to break into Cuba’s tourism sector.”

The press note gives no details about these hotels. However, the regime reaffirmed that it continues to prioritize hotel facilities even when thousands of Cubans live in dilapidated housing.

It was learned recently that in Granma province alone, 35,834 houses had dirt floors in early 2022. The government had set a goal to remedy this problem for 4,439 houses, and it couldn’t even meet that minimal objective.

Of those 4,439 houses, only in 1,462 were the dirt floors remedied; and of the 1,463, 1,110 were remedied by the dwellers themselves, and only 352 by the government.

Cuba’s ambassador to Vietnam, Orlando Hernández Guillén, said to the official press agency: “We have reasons to feel optimistic about our consolidating and developing from the point of view of the economy next year, and that new sectors will allow us to encourage Vietnam investments in Cuba.”

Hernández Guillén indicated that one such investment had already been secured, for building a cattle feed plant.

The diplomat spoke, also, about “Vietnam’s important role in Cuba’s food security,” and he stated that “rice continues to be the principal staple in our trade relations.”

He also said that Cuba’s medical services in Vietnam could also “increase in the near future.”

During 2022, Cuba suffered a drop of 65% in the Tourism sector, compared to the numbers from the years prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the annual report of ForwardKeys Consultants, a company that analyzes and projects travel volume and air traffic .

This data places Cuba as the country in Latin America with the worst tourism recovery, in spite of the fact that the region led the world in traveler increase in 2022, as reported by this consulting firm, headquartered in Madrid.

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